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There are two standard models of messaging based communication – push and pull. Email traditionally is more of a "pull" model where the recipient decides when to pull the messages into their workflow. Push is more of what we think about when we think 'real time' messaging. Messages are pushed to the recipient in realtime. Because Redkix is a hybrid of both models, we needed to blend these two methods together and Mentioning is a way to do that.

@ Mention in Electron App

@ Mention in iOS App

Bring Push to Email

Because most users approach their inboxes (and thus Redkix) as more of a pull model, we needed to give users a stronger signal that their immediate attention is needed in a particular thread. This helps coordinate realtime conversations by bringing users into threads where their colleagues may be messaging in realtime.

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A lot of complexities arise when dealing with channel members and participants who are part of the conversation as email users, when to add them as a participant, when to do nothing, etc. This required a lot of iteration and documentation on what felt natural to the user.

Read the @ Mention Documentation


Because the natural flow of mentioning is in the reply bar, the UI needs to flow with the text the user is currently typing. Things like auto complete, suggestions and keyboard navigation become very important. Also, because non-participants can also be mentioned, it was important that the user knows exactly what is going to happen when they mention a non-participant.