Collabrative Content in REDKIX

Part of the puzzle in the way people collaborate at work is with content. One of the aspects of collaboration in Redkix channels revolves around sharing documents, images, links and other media either through attachments or links to files in cloud storage solutions (ie Dropbox). We set out to allow users to share, track and post various content types into their Redkix channels, easily find previous files and even feature (pin) content for other users who may not be familure with the channel.

Content Tab on Mac App and iOS App

Sample from Content Tab Documentation

Documentation and specs

Because of the complexity of the Content tab, Thourgh documentation and specs were required to hand off to the developers.

🖥  View Mac App Spec
📱  View iOS App Spec

Sample from the iOS App

iOS App

In addition to the content being available in the Mac and Windows apps, mobile plays a very critical role in collaboration so we didn't want to leave our mobile users behind. We utilized the iOS Document Picker API to give users access to their Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and any other Document provider app they have installed on their device.

Uploading Content in Mac App