Concepts and Exploration

One of the things I enjoy most about being a designer is exploring the various interface guidelines for all the different types of devices I potentially design for. Here are some samples of my work while exploring various design systems.



When WatchOS was first announced, I took some time to walk through some of Apple's HIG for WatchOS and how it would apply to a Redkix app. There are some interesting challenges designing for tiny displays.


iOS 11 and iPhone X

The iPhone X screen shape certainly leads itself to some interesting design challenges and iOS 11 introduces a few changes to common UI elements to accommodate the shape, size of the screen and lack of home button on the device.

Fluent Design System

Microsoft seems to be taking design seriously these days and have recently released some previews and guidelines for a new design system called "Fluent". Light, depth, motion, material and scale are all key components.



The Redkix iPhone app's navigation structure was specifically designed to scale to larger displays and take advantage of Auto Layout. Once we decided to move into iPad, the app's design lead itself.