I’m currently the Lead Product Designer at Redkix. At Redkix, we’re aiming to redefine the way hundreds of millions of people collaborate and use email at work.

Redkix Mac, iOS and Android Clients


My responsibilities at Redkix are to define and own the entire Product Design process. Ideation, road-mapping, planning, designing the look and feel of the UI, developing the UI system for 3 platforms, prototyping, and working directly with the development teams in Tel Aviv Israel.

  • Plan and define upcoming product features
  • Research competitors and user feedback
  • Conceptualize how features fit into existing information architecture
  • Design complete user flows (experience, interaction and visual)
  • Prototype complex interactions and animations
  • Document features and write basic acceptance tests for QA
  • Work with developers through feature implementation
  • Ship and iterate

Redkix conversations work seamlessly with email.

Understanding Collaboration

Currently, most people use multiple tools to communicate and message each other at work. They often use a tool like Slack for short form, realtime, group messaging and email for things that are more permanent and ‘official’.

Modern collaboration tools like Slack are great if your entire team and network are using them, but they often fall short when you need to collaborate across organizations where not every user is on the platform. Email on the other hand, has a near 100% adoption rate, but falls short on some of the more modern aspects a realtime collaboration platform offers. Redkix aims solve these issues by bringing realtime messages, groups/channels, presence and other modern collaboration concepts to email so even if not every participant is on the platform, they’re included in the conversation.

A few my sketches for various Redkix features.

Define → Design → Document → Develop → SHip → Measure → Iterate

While working in a fast paced, low resource environment like a startup, you learn to adapt your process around the resources you have. At Redkix, our goal is to be as streamlined as possible while keeping design quality high. Adapting and iterating on the product as quickly as possible is paramount to it's success.

The Sketch files for the Redkix iOS, Android and Mac/Windows Clients.

Design System Sketch Symbols.jpg

Defining a Design Process

Because of the nature of our product, supporting 3 platforms was a necessity. It was important to create a streamlined design process at Redkix that was easy enough to quickly iterate on ideas, but also keep design quality high and consistent between platforms while allowing each platform to be true to itself.

Read about the Design Process at Redkix

Redkix Docuemtation.jpg

Writing Documentation

When designing a product as complicated as Redkix, documentation is critical to the design and development process. We relied heavily on "living" documents using Dropbox Paper. The constant iteration on our documentation allows us to make Paper the source of truth for our features.

View a Sample Document